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Elite Landscape Group is a local Naperville lawn care and landscaping company working in the Naperville area. Some of the services we offer are : weekly mowing, core aeration, dethatching, overseeding, trimming (Shrub and trees), fall and spring clean ups, mulch installation, compost and mushroom compost installation.

Our mowing service includes cutting the lawn, edging of sidewalks with a string trimmer, trimming all areas inaccessible to mowing equipment and blowing.

We Are Your Local Landscaper In Naperville

Mulch installation in Naperville
Mulching service is available in the surrounding towns of Naperville. We deliver and install premium hardwood, brown, red, cypres, chocolate, playground, black, and gold colored mulch. We also sell compost, mushroom compost, topsoil and garden mix soil.

Lawn Renovation

We offer lawn renovation services in the Spring and Fall. Rejuvenate your lawn with our lawn renovation services.

  • Core Aeration
  • Dethatching
  • Overseeding
  • Fertilizer (seed starter)
  • Naperville Summer Services

We offer lawn care services in the Summer:

  • Shrub and tree trimming
  • Landscaping
  • Mulch Installation
  • Flower bed design
  • Grass cutting
  • Snow Removal Services

We offer snow removal for residential & commercial in the winter:

  • Local Snow & Ice Removal for Naperville
  • Voted Top Snow Removal Contractor
  • Providing Affordable Residential Snow Plowing
  • Contact the Top Rated Snow Removal Company
  • Driveway Snow Plowing
  • Sidewalk Ice Removal & Snow Blowing

Basic Grass Care for a Great Looking Lawn

We all desire a healthy lawn. You can be proud of a perfect lawn with a plush green carpet, perfect grass height, and perfectly maintained for the afternoon of playing with the family outside. You may ask what does it take to get a great lawn like that. To have the perfect lawn there are a few basics that you need to master as a lawn care professional. The secret to perfect grass has lawn care basics, water, fertilizer, and sun. Master these basic lawn maintenance elements and you will be the envy of the lawns in the neighborhood.

Lawn Soil – Testing Your Lawn in Naperville

The preparation and planning for a new and perfect lawn is a key to lawn perfection. It doesn’t matter what type of lawn planting methods you prefer, preparations are necessary. The area will need to be weed free. The weed removal is necessary to prevent further weed control maintenance. Keep the soil from compacting and turning into uneven ruts.

Test the pH of you lawns soil with a home test kit from your local Naperville lawn care home improvement center. DIY test kits are easy to use. Another suggestion is by the states local university soil testing programs that for the most part are free. You may not think this step is important by testing your soil is an important part of lawn care and will save you money in the long run.

When clearing your new lawn area, eradicate the lawn weeds down to the roots. It’s important to remove all the competing weeds in the lawn. If necessary you may need to remove the top six inches. The next step is to rototill the top six inches or your lawn soil to improve drainage and loosen the soil. Lawn care pros suggest mixing sand and loam, in equal parts, to the existing topsoil. Configure the drainage of the lawn landscape away from structures and evenly. Then compact the soil using a roller and grade the unfinished lawn with a rake. Be sure to grade it carefully because at this point, how you prepare that lawn landscape, there is no redoing the lawns grade.

Planting Lawns with Seed or Sod Installation

Spreading an instant carpet of grass with sod installation yield tremendous gratification for a beautiful lawn. Planting sod is more expensive and becomes more so the large the square footage of the sodded lawn area. A great alternative is seeding the area by hand or hydroseeding for very large areas. Hydroseeding is typically used by farmers to cover very large grass areas. Hydroseeding disperses an equal mix of seed and binding agents to stabilize the landscaped soil and promote lawn seed growth.

What is the Perfect Grass Mowing Height?

One of the best lawn care secrets to share is how to cut grass. Most homeowners cut their grass to short. A secret to healthy grass cut is less is more. Cutting your grass too short can be damaging to your lawn. To achieve properly cut grass, it’s recommended to raise the lawn mower blade to the highest setting so that when your cutting the lawn, only the top third of the grass will be cut. What most don’t know is a taller grass will promote the grassroots. A taller grass will provide more shade to the ground, keeping moisture from evaporating and block the potential weed growth by blocking the germination of weed seeds. You will not need to mow a grass that is taller. The Naperville City ordinance requires you that your grass is below six inches.

Watering Your Lawn

You should determine what kind of lawn soil you have. A sandy soil will need to be water more frequently, whereas a soil rich in clay will hold that water and require less watering. The lawn cane watering and moisture secrete is to water your lawn once a week but well and so the water goes deep. Shallow watering tends to cause brown thach with is dead grass on the lawn. A good grass watering will provide moisture to the extended deeper root zones and help prevent bugs and pest from taking hold, such as the chinch bug, which prays on stressed lawns.

A newly planted lawn will need watering every day for ten days. Until the seeds have sprouted only water the seeds for ten minutes. When watering you will only want to keep the grass seed damp. Excess water will wash the seed away. Once the seeds have germinated and sprouts are noticeable, water once a day for up to twenty minutes.

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    Elite Landscape Group installed landscaping in my back yard next to my patio. They worked with me on a couple different design options and prepared a couple different estimates. The landscape materials (roses and shrubs) were of high quality, and the quote was very reasonable. I am going to hire them next spring for lawn maintenance and mowing.

    Sarah Bieniek, Google Review


    Alex Martinez and his team cleaned out a whole back yard that was choked with out-of-control buckthorn weeds and dying trees, and then installed new sod. Work was estimated at a good price and completed quickly and professionally. I’m so happy with the quality of service and follow-up from this company. Highly recommend contacting them for work and plan to keep using them for lawn services.

    Kari Geltemeyer, Google Review


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