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Landscaping Design, construction and Repair

Residential landscape design, construction and repair

Our team can help you with any type of enhancement projects you may be interested in. Whether it is a complete site makeover of a property or enhancing a problem area, Elite Landscape Group can provide you with the design services you need.

We use quality and locally grown plant material and have an expert craftsmanship that understands the critical aspect of a properly installed landscape. Elite Landscape Group can create a landscape design to suit almost any budget, from basic necessities to resort-level environments. We can install the landscape design in phases over several seasons or all at one time.

Our process


Our residential landscape designs are innovative and extremely efficient as we transform your ideas to the design phase, and on to the final plan that you approve.


After design, we will construct the landscaping using only the best materials available, the best equipment and a dedicated team of landscape professionals.


Landscape maintenance is the process of trimming shrubs and trees, refreshing mulch, and keeping every part of your landscape in an attractive and functional way. We also offer landscape repair.

Brick and Paving

Retaining Walls


Brick Edging

Mail Boxes


Bobcat/ skidsteer work


Flower Bed Design


Brick, Plasctic and Natural Edging

Decorative Stone

Mulch Installation

Seasonal Planting


Apart from the sharp clean look, mulch helps to conserve moisture, shield your plant’s roots from temperature extremes, improve the soil, and discourage the growth of weeds. We offer different types and colors of mulch. Give us a call to provide you with a FREE estimate. We provide timely and efficient mulching services you can count on. We take care not to leave a mess, and to leave your property looking its best. We offer our mulching services on a seasonal basis, but also during any new landscaping project where we are planting new flowers, shrubs or trees

Flower bed edging, Natural Edging, Vinyl Edging

Flowerbed edging separates your lawn from a garden in your landscape. It’s aesthetically appealing and stops grass roots from spreading into unwanted places. The most common and effective ways of flowerbed edging include: natural, plastic, vinyl, steel, concrete, or brick edging. However, painted aluminum and steel offer the sleekest, most refined look because they almost disappear against the grass and garden bed. The plastic types have a prominent black bulge along the top edge. All options work best on fairly even terrain; if you have a lot of dips and rises in your landscaping, it’s easier to install a paver border. We can help you decide and design your landscaping edging to keep grass, plants and trees in perfect harmony.

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