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Lawn Sprinkler systems

A sprinkler system (irrigation system) is a convenient and effective way to keep your lawn looking its best with minimal effort. Elite Landscape Group certified landscape irrigation designers and technicians can design, install, and service a customized irrigation system that will help reduce plant stress and loss, lower your utility costs, boost chemical performance and improve your turf renovation.

We service all brands and systems whether or not your installation was originally performed by us.


Annual irrigation maintenance Program

Initial visit after the winter months to start your sprinkler system and to ensure everything works perfectly. We will initialize your irrigation on this visit.

The purpose of your backflow device is to keep the outside water to your sprinkler system (which may contain contaminants such as fertilizer, pesticides, etc.) from backing up and entering into your drinking water.

Our mid-summer service appointment includes a thorough sprinkler system performance check up to make sure your system is operating optimally.

A Fall visit to prepare your sprinkler system to welcome the winter months. This visit includes draining all water from pipes, blowing out all pipes, valves, sprinkler heads and other components with an air compressor and switching your sprinkler system’s controller to its proper winter setting.


Our installations feature:

    • Even, efficient coverage
    • Commercial professional quality products from Hunter and Rainbird
    • Commecial quality poly pipe.
    • Stainless steel clamps
    • 100% satisfaction guarantee
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. Depending on the extent of repairs needed, your sprinkler system would continue to work. The only way to know for sure is to have the system tested.

No. An automatic sprinkler system may actually save you water. A well designed, efficient irrigation system applies exactly the amount of water needed by your landscape.

If it rained at your property every three days — the same exact amount each time — you probably would not need a sprinkler system, but nature doesn’t work that way. Elite Landscape Group recommends a sprinkler system for this reason.

The average system will take one to two days to install. We use state-of-the-art equipment to pull the pipe through your lawn. After a few weeks, the seams in the turf will disappear. Our crews are trained to protect your existing landscape and plant material.

Our technicians will do a pressure test and design your system to insure your sprinklers will operate at the optimal pressure effectiveness. Should a larger water meter or pump be required, we will advise you ahead of time to keep you informed.

There is no standard answer. Don’t look for the cheapest contractor as they may be sacrificing quality on YOUR system. How? By putting in fewer zones (saves on valves, wires and pipes), fewer heads, no rain sensor and no other options. A rough estimate example is a standard 1/3 acre lot home irrigation system that requires 5 or 6 zones costs $3,000-$4,000. Don’t spend less now to then spend more later. If it isn’t done right from the start, it will only cost you in the end.

Our knowledge of irrigation parts, problems, and service is widely extensive

System turn ons in the spring and irrigation system shut downs in the fall. Please do not hesitate to call for a free estimate on your irrigation system or any service work. Give your plants the water they deserve!!!

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