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How to Remove Crabgrass and Other Lawn Weeds


Crabgrass and Weed Removal

How do your remove lawn weeds and crabgrass? Crabgrass is the nuisance of every homeowner’s lawn. We are constantly told that commercial weed killers, herbicides are essential. The fact is that there are many lawn care professionals that try to avoid them. So what is the secret to keeping away weeds and maintaining the perfect looking lawn? So how do we banish weeds?

Here are the Lawn Care secrets

Grow healthy thick grass. A thick carpet of grass will choke out weeds and prevent new weed growth germination. Mow your grass on a regular basis. Grass mowing regularly will cut the weeds down before they have a chance to bloom and spread their seeds. Cut your grass at a tall enough grass height to promote a tall grass growth but short enough to cut off the dandelion head off prior blooming.

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Herbicides and Weed Killers

Rather than using the common conventional weed killers that are poisonous and potentially harmful to humans and our pets, you may want to try using a natural herbicide. Natural herbicides use fatty acid salts and or derived from corn gluten or other nonchemical resources.

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