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Naperville Snow Removal
Naperville Snow Removal

Snow Blowing

Heavy amount of snow can cause many problems and difficulties and instead of enjoyment, it becomes a headache. Life stops because mobilization becomes impossible if the pathways are covered with thick snow. Traffic flow is disrupted when roads are full of frozen snow. Individuals are equally affected as piles of snow collects on their driveways making it hard for them to mobilize.


Therefore, whenever winter arrives and there are chances of snowfall, we must be ready and prepared for such circumstances. Mental preparation does not suffice alone, so some physical preparations must be done to remove snow after snow falling stops. Various methods are used for snow removal, snow plowing being the most common one for larger areas like roads and parking lots. De-icing using salt is another technique. A cheaper and easier technique for individuals is snow blowing.

Snow blowing:

One of the techniques used for the removal of snow is snow blowing. It is done with the help of a machine called snow blower. The term snow blowing comes from a machine used for blowing snow named as snowblower. Snowblower is also called snow thrower. It needs electricity, battery or diesel for its functioning. The snow blower has a hose similar to one a vacuum has and its functionality is quite simple. It simply blows away all the loose snow that forms the topmost layer to reveal the more frozen and lumped lower layer which can be removed using a shovel or de-iced using salt. Ideally, for individual homeowners, a snow blower and shovel combination works best.


Two types of snow blowers are available in the market:

  1. Single stage snow blower
  2. Double stage snow blower

Single stage snow blower:

It comprises of an auger, which sucks and inhales snow into the machine and a discharge chute, which throws away snow. Auger has to come in direct contact with the underlying surface and therefore it works best if the surface is paved. It is mostly used when a layer of snow is not very deep.

Double stage snow blower:

Double stage snow blower works same as does the single stage snow blower except that it has much greater advantages. It could be used on any surface whether it is paved or unpaved. As the auger of double stage snow blower does not come in contact with the surface, therefore, the surface’s nature does not really matter. It is mostly used to blow deep layers of snow.


The hassles that come in while using a snow blower must be always kept in mind. Equipment storage can be a concern for some as would be handling and care. Snowblower must be used with great care as sometimes snow compiles in its turbine causing jamming and stalling the motor. Jam must not be fixed with hands as it can cause hand injuries. The cost of operating the machinery can include electricity, repairs, and the price of the blower itself. So take into account your own personal preferences and convenience before deciding on snow blower investment.

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