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Lawn Fertilization

How often should you fertilize your lawn?

Feeding your lawn with fertilizer is important to keep your lawn healthy.  At Elite Landscape in Naperville, we agree with most lawn care professionals that even a healthy lawn will need to be feed at least twice a year.  Feeding or fertilizing your lawn two times a year is the bare minimum. A lot of common fertilizers with only Nitrogen Phosphate & Potassium (N-P-K) are very popular with weekend gardeners but might not provide all the nutrients that your lawn needs. A recommended and complete lawn care fertilizing product will contain more grass nutrients such as sulfur, iron, and copper.

Watering and fertilizing a lawn can cause a lawns soil to become acidic over time.  Our lawn care professionals recommend an application of dolomitic lime every three years.  The dolomite lime mix help restore the lawns pH and help ad minerals into the soil. As always we recommend testing your soil pH first.

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