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We believe that you have been dreaming of a perfect lawn outside your house for quite a long time. We at, Elite Landscape Group believe that your longing for an amazing lawn festooned with vividly bright colors and plush green carpets deserves to come true, no matter the size and complexity of attaining it. However the cumbersome procedures are, and complex the process of making your dream come true is, we assure you that our hardworking, efficient, reliable and committed lawn care experts will deliver it at your doorstep. For years, we are experienced in delivering the best set of services to our customers, who wish to have a perfectly trimmed lawn. We have learned that creativity is the key to success, and no matter what your budget is, we aim to deliver the best outcome.

Three core elements which are required to begin with lawn care and maintenance procedure are:


To maintain the lawn for a longer duration, one of the primary components for lawn care is regular aeration process. Elite Landscape Group assures you that the best tools and equipment are used to ensure proper aeration in order to allow air, water, and sunlight. Due to this, the grass roots can grow longer, thicker and help sustain the plants effectively. One of the best things would be that the Naperville residents would draw inspiration from your lawn’s healthy and nourished state.


Another fundamental component of lawn care and maintenance is dethatching, that is, removing thatch, dry grass and debris. The more thatch is layered up, the more redundant the quality of lawn soil becomes. Even though the lawn dethatching services are not required regularly or probably, once a year, it can affect your lawn’s growth and maintenance. Elite Landscape group ensures that your lawn is free from any sort of inconveniences, and receives a top-notch lawn care and maintenance services throughout the year.


Overseeding can be hazardous, especially when your lawn is blooming with lush greenery and splendid bright colors. Overseeding occurs when you add another layer of seeds over the existing green lawn, which restricts the growth and affects the soil quality of your lawn. Elite Landscape group has worked over years to understand the right amount of grass seeds required for every lawn at the Naperville, which makes them distinguished and unique in their own way. We believe that every lawn has different requirements, and we work in their favor accordingly.

We, at Elite Landscape Group assure you of lawn care and maintenance professionals who would love to take care of your lawn regularly and/or at certain times of the year. They are proficient in understanding the requirements, in terms of nutrients, such as sunlight, fertilizers, of your lawn, at any degree throughout the year. We believe that your lawn has special requirements, which would be catered by the Elite Landscape experts in the best manner possible.

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