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Lawn Aeration Benifits

Aerating your lawn has a lot of benefits.  Aeration loosens up compacted soils and improved air circulation. Over time soil can become rock hard making it difficult for new grass to grow. Aeration Promotes Grass Root Health Breaking up the soil with aeration promoted grass

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How to Remove Crabgrass and Other Lawn Weeds

  Crabgrass and Weed Removal How do your remove lawn weeds and crabgrass? Crabgrass is the nuisance of every homeowner’s lawn. We are constantly told that commercial weed killers, herbicides are essential. The fact is that there are many lawn care professionals that try to

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Professional Landscaping Design Tips to Consider

  No matter if you are considering just a few changes to your residential landscape or you want to completely redesign your landscaping you should consider these important factors before you begin your planting. Many landscaping ideas begin when residents venture to their local landscaping

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Lawn Fertilization

How often should you fertilize your lawn? Feeding your lawn with fertilizer is important to keep your lawn healthy.  At Elite Landscape in Naperville, we agree with most lawn care professionals that even a healthy lawn will need to be feed at least twice a

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Naperville Lawn Mowing Services

Choosing a Local Lawn Mowing Service in Naperville Hiring a professional who can provide quality service is the best decision to make. A professional should take their job very serious and should always deliver on time. We all want our yards to look neat and

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Trimming and pruning services

Why you should trim and prune your shrubs and trees

If your property is surround by trees, shrubs and bushes you might be curious as to when it is the indicated time to prune and trim them. It is essential that they are trimmed so that their lifetime is not diminished by lack of maintenance.

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Timing Proper Pruning and Trimming

Timing Proper Pruning/Trimming After autumn the dense leaves that covered your trees has gone and you are left with nothing but scrawny branches. It is a great opportunity to make note of any branches that may need to be removed. It allows you to see

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fall clean up

Fall Clean Ups

Our summer days are counting down, and in a few weeks we will be faced with looking in to lawn and we will have plan for the winter. The planning should begin after you enjoy the beautiful leaves changing from deep greens to beautiful reds,

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Chicago Area Snow Plowing And Removal

Early Fall is the perfect time to contact Elite Landscape Group regarding all of your winter residential and commercial snow plowing or snow removal needs. The earlier you contact our offices, the sooner we will be able to get you on the schedule and prioritize

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