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Irrigation Service

Elite Landscape group believes that adopting modernized irrigation system is not only convenient for the house owners but also helpful for them as they would not have to worry about other cumbersome ways of taking care of their lawn.

Why Choose Advanced Irrigation system?

Most of the times, people prefer advanced irrigation system to regularly water their lawns and shower their care day in day out. We believe that adopting this system is not only convenient for the house owners but also helpful for them as they would not have to worry about other cumbersome ways of taking care of their lawn. Owning an irrigation system at Naperville keeps your daily life in track and showers care on your lawn for a longer duration.

Not only that, you would save up on your repair bills, and keep your lawns fresh and healthy during all seasons of the year. Elite Landscape group provides convenient solutions for Naperville residential irrigation system, as most of the sprinklers could be repaired by the house owners themselves. The lawn sprinkler systems are efficient to use and easy to repair if in case, they need assistance.

If you believe that calling in a lawn maintenance expert could cost you a lot, then we take care of the fact that the tools and equipment of lawn care are easy for you to manage. The best part is that the pipes of the sprinkler system are plastic, and they consume low voltage for which you would not have to worry about the maintenance of the sprinkler system. We, at Elite Landscape Group assures you that all the tools and systems used for lawn care and maintenance are updated and technically upgraded, as we believe that the house owners deserve to know every step of our lawn care process, and not feel left out in any way.

Sprinkler repair services

We ensure that we offer assistance at very step of the problem, and provide convenient solutions for lawn care systems. We, at Elite Landscape Group, provide sprinkler repair services for the following problems:
• Water Conservation techniques
• Automated system start in Spring season
• Automated shut down the system during the Fall season
• Repairing devices, such as heads, valves, controllers, rain sensors
• Fix leaks in head pipes
• Locating valves in lawn
• Find faulty or cut wires and correct them or replace them
• Regular check-up service
We believe that your lawn deserves to receive sustainable and efficient solutions for any problem, and we, at Elite Landscape group are at your service to take care of it. Our lawn care and maintenance experts possess great knowledge in ensuring that your lawn receives the best care possible, and you would not have to worry about any inconvenience during any point of time.

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