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Lawn Aeration Benifits

core aeration

Aerating your lawn has a lot of benefits.  Aeration loosens up compacted soils and improved air circulation. Over time soil can become rock hard making it difficult for new grass to grow.

Aeration Promotes Grass Root Health

Breaking up the soil with aeration promoted grass root health by providing ways that water and nutrients from fertilizers to easily get to the grassroots.  A strong grass root system will choke out the bad weed and provide you with a beautiful looking lawn.

Lawn Aeration Reduces Lawn Thatch

Lawn aeration also reduces thatch.  Thatch is dead grass and roots that are within the lawn grass that prevents the growth of new grass and harbor pest and plant disease.

Different Types of Lawn Aeration

There are two different types of aeration.  The first is the process of poking holes into your grass. Some people do this by walking around their grass with special spiked attached to their shoes. Another method used is a tool that actually poked holes into the grass.

The second is called core aeration where an actual core of the soil is taken out and left on the top of your grass. The soil from the core is left on the top of the lawn and breaks down to provide loose soil. The cored hole also provides increased water drainage and a path for the fertilizer to reach the grass root zone rather than washing away into the street with a rain.

Core Aeration and Overseeding Benefits

Aerating work great with overseeding.  Overseeding provides new grass seeds which fall into the core aeration holes and get covered with the soil of the cores. Planting new grass with overseeding replaces grass that has died or reached its end of plant life.  Having a thick lush lawn is the best defense against lawn weeds.

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