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If you are looking for a perfect landscape design for your commercial site or office, Elite Landscape group is there to serve your lawn care and maintenance requirements. We believe that your lawn deserves nothing less than an attractive design, which would provide you with a great first impression. Most of the times, a great lawn is the best place for recreation or informal meetings, and we assure you that your lawn would make your people comfortable.

Your commercial site at Naperville will not only have a vividly welcoming entrance but also set a high standard for landscape design and installation among other offices or commercial sites. We follow a standardized procedure to deliver customized results, which is:

Consultation Phase

During this phase, we, at Elite Landscape group ensure that your lawn receives quality attention in order to understand the core requirements, such as the amount of water, sunlight, nutrients, fertilizers, maintenance structure etc. We believe that your lawn is unique and distinguished in its own way, and deserves special care. We ensure that our lawn care and maintenance experts arrive at your place, study and analyze your lawn requirements, create a landscape design as per your convenience, and purchase the materials accordingly. Elite Landscape assures you that the design of your landscape meets your requirements and the end result strives to attain your satisfaction.

Landscape Installation Process

This is the actual process of landscape installation as per your selected design. Our lawn care professionals and contractors ensure that your commercial site is not affected due to the landscape construction. We encompass amazing brick paving patterns, flower bed designs, advanced irrigation system and tree or shrub installation. We ensure that your lawn is transformed to a different place altogether, and attracts your employees or visitors regularly. Our landscape design experts in Naperville are reliable, competent and committed, and put their best efforts in making your dream come true.

Landscape Design

The final process of the landscape design and installation process is enhancing your newly renovated lawn with colorful elements. This phase will incorporate your choice of color combinations, lighting system and the number of trees and shrubs in your lawn. Elite Landscape group ensures that your lawn is a great place to rejuvenate for you to relax from daily office pressures. No matter what the size of your lawn is, we put our best efforts to ensure that your lawn has the best design with high-quality materials and top-notch services.

We assure you that you would be satisfied with our delightful services, and our professionals will not leave any opportunity for you to regret your decision of choosing us to make your dream come true. We, at Elite Landscape Group, would be proud to make you happy by serving your landscape design requirements and maintaining it for as long as possible.


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