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Naperville Primere Lawn Fertilization Service

If you need your lawn lush green during every season of the year, then watering them regularly is not the only solution for their long-term care and maintenance. Other than that, you would have to trim your lawn regularly, remove weeds, design your lawn appropriately, mow it properly etc., in order to follow all possible steps of delivering efficient fertilization. Elite Landscape group at Naperville ensures that your lawn is healthy during all seasons, and it is nutritious throughout the year.


What is lawn fertilization process?

Efficient and professional lawn fertilization is a matter of providing appropriate resources and nutrients for your lawn to consume, which is not the same for all the Naperville lawns at every season. We believe that your lawn would require a different set of fertilizers from the others, based on your lawn’s soil type, amount of sunlight and water requirements. Elite Landscape Group assures you that you would not have to see the light brown patches over your lawn after receiving professional services from our lawn care and maintenance experts. You would see your dream come true of plush green carpets under your feet, and your Naperville neighbors would find their favorite place to spend their time with you.


Lawn fertilization could be taken up by house owners as well, but the matter of concern is that you might not have time and energy to analyze your lawn’s grass type and apply fertilizers accordingly. You might also risk in applying too much fertilizer at certain patches or spread them unevenly, which would create the risk of soil erosion. Elite Landscape group believes in using a convenient and right type of fertilizers in your lawn for a better outcome, which would maintain your lawn’s health for a long period of time. We ensure that our lawn fertilizers are environment-friendly and professionally applied by our lawn care experts for delivering great results. Not only will you have a plush green carpet after choosing lawn fertilization services from Elite Landscape group, but would also match up to the standards of Naperville plush green lawns.

Pre-lawn fertilization analysis

We begin with lawn fertilization by thoroughly analyzing the following:

  • Type of soil and grass
  • Thatch level
  • Turf density
  • Amount of sunlight
  • Insect and Disease problems
  • Presence of weeds and what type

Following our evaluation, we ensure that our lawn care professionals create a lawn care and maintenance plan, which would be unique to your lawn and change as per the requirements. Elite Landscape group aims to deliver customized services, which would help you track the health of your lawn and enhance with every step of our lawn care service.

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